Nordburg Firefox Extensions

This site is a place for me to host all the Firefox Extensions I work on. Most are to help me in my job which is to examine web sites and assess them against WCAG 2.0. Some are co-hosted at Slashon.

Restartless Add-ons

Restartless WebExtension add-ons.

Name Description Version Size Signed? Last Updated
Nordburg Stopwatch A simple stopwatch. 2.0.1 14.47 Signed 2017-12-12
Nordburg Forms Mode Simulator Shows what forms mode missed while using screen reader on a web page by way of a red solid border. Version 1.1.0 puts a green dashed line around aria-describedby and aria-labelledby elements. 4.0.1 74.27 Signed 2017-12-19
Nordburg Focus Revealer Nordburg Focus Revealer 1.2 35.38 Signed 2017-12-18
Tag finder
Tag finder
1.4.0 62.13 Signed 2017-12-08
WET Widget Version Finder Finds the versions of all WET Wigets on a page, and compares to the latest version. 1.0.1 67.08 Signed 2017-12-05
Nordburg Assessment Helper Helps with assessments of a website, keeping track of URLs, etc. 0.1.2 162.8 Signed 2018-01-31

Legacy Add-ons (Requires Restart)

Legacy add-on for Firefox v56 and below, Pale Moon, and other forks of Firefox. Requires Restart.

Name Description Version Size Signed? Last Updated Dependencies
Nordburg Toolbar A Placeholder for Nordburg extensions. 4.0.12 42.13 Signed 2018-01-09 None
Nordburg DOCTYPE Detector Quickly see the important parts of a page's DOCTYPE, character set encoding, and any Atom/RSS feeds. 2.0.2 64.71 Signed 2017-03-30
  1. nordbar 0.9
Nordburg Language Attribute Checker Check for lang, xml:lang, and dir attributes in a page. 2.0.0 23.04 Signed 2017-01-19
  1. nordbar 1.5
Nordburg Page Title Checker Compare the <title>, meta title, <h1>, and breadcrumb (if it can be found). 11.0.4 24.03 Signed 2017-01-19
  1. nordbar 4.0.0
Nordburg Assessment URL Tracker Upon starting, this add-on keeps track of URLs visited in a tab until stopping. 3.0.1 75.69 Signed 2017-11-30
  1. nordbar 1.0.0
WET Widget Version Finder Finds the versions of all WET Wigets on a page, and compares to the latest version. 5.0.2 109.34 Signed 2017-04-07 None
Nordburg Default Browser Checker This checks if Firefox is your default browser. 1.0.1 47.31 Signed 2017-02-03 None

What's New

- New Assessment Helper Version
Added the ability to select some text in the popup.
- New Nordburg Assessment Helper
The add-on now tells you if property="name" is in an <h1>.
- Updated Nordbar
This has some updates that 99.9% of you won't notice. Yeah, I'm still maintaining some XUL add-ons for users of browsers like Pale Moon, Waterfox, Icedragon, etc.
- Assessment Helper Reaches v0.1.0
The Nordburg Assessment Helper add-on now incorporates the old URL Tracker, Title, Language, and Doctype Detector add-ons. There's still a lot of work left. But maybe now I can upgrade to Firefox 57.
- Forms Mode Simulator Minor Update
Fixed an icon issue.